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December 2, 2023
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While this set is labeled “Wooden Corral” it is actually a wooden fence set (it is more of a privacy type of fence as the sections are all closed up, rather than open like a corral fence would be - need to be able to see the animals in a corral). The set consists of 12 resin parts for a wooden fence. It includes 3 long fence sections: 6 posts, two types of gates – a single narrow gate and a double wide gate. The fences and gate sections have a very nice wood grain effect cast in, while the gates also have hinges and latches. I am a bit confused by the texture of the posts as rather than continuing the grain texture shown on the fence sections, the posts have a pebbled texture. I don’t know if this is to suggest they are concrete posts or just a different type of wood. I assumed the latter and painted the posts the same color as the fence sections.

After removing the resin parts from the casting blocks, I gently sanded the edges and as I was modeling a newly installed fence, I painted all of the parts Tamiya Buff (XF-57). Once this was dry, I sealed it with Testor’s Clear Flat and then used Tamiya Brown Panel Liner to bring out the grain in the wood panels, cleaned up with cotton swabs and Testor’s enamel paint thinner. This process brought out the grain very nicely and by allowing the panel liner wash sit on sections for different times, I was able to achieve some color variations. I picked out the latches and hinges with Tamiya NATO Black, but you could use a more faded black or a dark gray for an older fence.

I assembled the fence sections with superglue and noticed almost too late that one of the full-size fence sections had a slight bow along the bottom edge. Since I noticed this prior to final assembly, I was able to compensate for it by installing this section first and installing the others so that the tops were straight across.

This is a neat little set, and I can see lots of uses for it, especially in dioramas. There are not enough full-size sections to create much of a fenced off area, so unless Hauler follows up with another set of say 4 or 5 full size fence sections with posts, you will need to purchase several of this set to create an enclosed space.

I really enjoyed this set and highly recommend it to anyone considering a diorama or a display scene with a fence in it.

Thank you to Hauler Models for the review set, and to IPMS/USA for letting me review it.


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