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May 22, 2018
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I must confess a high level of personal modeling interest in well-made accessory sets like this. As a lover of all things dioramic, I am always on the lookout for fiddly bits that will add that extra level of interest to a scenario in the making. This set is just such an example.

MiniArt continues to provide us with set after set of delightful, well made bits, and this one offers some really useful items. There seems to be a movement these days to not considering your Tiger or Panther tank really complete without a bucket hanging off the rear end, and this kit comes with no less than eight (plus three pails) of the finest buckets I’ve literally ever seen in this scale. Coming in two styles – three, if you count the pails, they feature such details as weld seams and fine stamped ridges. Also included in the kit is the village pump, which has a posable handle and a separate metal drain, a wash basin and a couple of milk or water pails with lids. Frankly, there isn’t a thing in this set that isn’t useful.

Assembly is simple and fairly straight-forward. The pump itself consists of just five parts. Each bucket comes with a separate bottom. To these you attach photo-etch handles and a few other bits.

Actually, the handles were the only part of the kit that fell somewhat short for me. They are SO fine as to seem, if anything, a bit underscale. Ultimately, I replaced the majority of them with some simple bent wire.

In any case, the set practically flew together, and I had everything ready for painting in about half an hour. How you choose to paint these, of course, is up to the individual modeler. Personally, I put a bit of color on a few buckets mostly out of curiosity but otherwise left most of the parts bare metal, which will render them useful for virtually any diorama requirements that might come up. I added a bit of rust to the pump as per the cover art, and that was about it. Ready to go!

I am always pleased when good accessory kits like this come out on the market, and MiniArt seems to have snagged this aspect of the industry and made it its own. You literally cannot go wrong here – my highest recommendation. My deep thanks to IPMS/USA for letting me take a stab at this and to MiniArt for their wonderful continued work.


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