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Company: Hauler - Website: Visit Site
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This is a nice set of jerry can holders that can replace the usually over-scaled plastic holders on military vehicles. The photoetch comes on one small fret that is about 1 ½ in. x 1 5/8 in. Four holders are provided with the photoetch. Each holder consists of seven parts: the holder, four bolts, and two straps for the jerry cans.

The bolt heads are actually six-sided hexagons and are microscopic. I soldered the first bolt head into place, but the solder obscured the shape of the head. The subsequent bolt heads were glued into place with superglue, which worked much better.

Folding the holder worked well. The corners of the holder are rounded so I bent them around a 1/16-in. drill bit, which worked pretty well. Hauler provides tabs for the bottom and side edges of the holder, which helps greatly in assembly. I used superglue on two of the holders and soldered the other two, and both worked OK. The soldering option is more challenging and I think the superglue option turned out to be neater and cleaner.

These are nice little details that are more accurate in scale thickness than plastic parts, are not too difficult to assembly, and will be a nice addition to military vehicles.

Thanks to Hauler for continuing to provide nice details like this and providing review samples to IPMS.


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