Nuts and Bolts 1.6 mm, 2 mm, and 2.5 mm

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93505, 93506, and 93507
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Company: Squadron Products - Website: Visit Site
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Squadron has issued 1/35 resin sets for nuts and bolts to detail your armor and about any other kit needing nuts and bolts. The Three examples review here are:

  • 93505- 1.6mm Nuts and Bolts- $6.99
  • 93506- 2.0mm Nuts and Bolts- $9.99
  • 93507- 2.5mm Nuts and Bolts- $11.99

Each resin set contain 36 nuts with bolt tips and 36 bolt heads, 6 complete separate bolts and 6 separate nuts. There are 84 pieces per set all in blemish and pin hole free resin. Threads are so fine on the nut and bolt that they will actually thread together. Check pictures for proof!

The packaging draws reference to 1/35 scale but I am sure that these will look well in whatever scale you chose to use them. Just remember to scale your sizes.

All are molded in a soft resin, very easy to cut and sand. The resin is so soft and flexible, I though it was vinyl to begin with. I airbrushed the nuts before removing from the tree with Model Master Metalizer Steel and once dry lightly dusted with AK Enamel Light Rust wash. Paints adhered very well.

They attached easily to styrene plastic using both generic white glue and Hobbytown thin superglue.

I find these to be a fantastic addition to the modeling detail accessories and am looking forward to future additions to this product line. FYI there is also a set of couplings and connectors available in this series which look just as promising.

Thanks to Squadron Products and their True Details line for the chance to review the Nuts and Bolts and to the support staff of the IPMS/USA.


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