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April 13, 2015
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This is a review of the SBS T-72 M early turret, for the Tamiya T-72 M1 kit. As such, the model requires the Tamiya kit for almost all parts needed in this build (aside from the basic turret itself).


This box contains 11 resin cast parts, a sheet of decals, 55 separate photo-etched parts, as well as a printed outline of where all the P-E should go’

Though I have a limited amount of experience with PE and resin, I volunteered to undertake this review because I have acquired a ‘taste’ for the Soviet bloc armor and thought this would help expand my modeling knowledge and enjoyment. On second thought, my ambitions may have exceeded my grasp of the undertaking at hand.

Builders Notes

The overall quality of the casting and PE is excellent and I expect a more experienced armor modeler will be rewarded with this excellent after-market set. There are several items on the PE sheet, which reflect some incredible surface detail, with multiple levels of chemical or other type of milling evident. I am not sure how this is accomplished, but the resulting effect is beautiful and evident when painted.

I am impressed with the high quality of the cast parts and very fine PE parts. That said, however, some of the PE parts are very, very small and may pose a serious issue for some modelers (i.e. me). While making suggestions I strongly suggest these many PE parts are not ‘kid-friendly’—at least in my opinion.

In several instances you need to very carefully remove kit provided details (i.e.; the side turret ammo cans and the turret side mounted equipment containers). There are a few mistakes on the sheet, when kit supplied parts are shown on the instruction sheet but not called out in the ‘detail’ instruction sheet. You have to be able to extrapolate when little or no guidance is provided.


I used a combination of Vallejo and AK primer and paints in the finishing of this kit. I am still learning the techniques involving acrylics and this kit afforded me the perfect opportunity.

The only color references are those provided in the small ‘marking and painting instructions’ sheet. Two in what I believe to be Soviet army olive drab, one in more of a brown drab, and one in a sand/yellow desert color).

Decals & Photo-etch

The decals provided in the aftermarket kit include those for Hungarian, Czechoslovak, and Iraqi armies. These are very finely printed and provide some variations not normally seen in modeling decal colors. I suspect these finely printed decals might also be rather large for the turret itself (the Iraqi flags).

Conclusion & Overall Evaluation

I highly recommend this turret conversion kit. While there appear to be a multitude of T-72 kits, including the Tamiya, there are a number of turrets available on the aftermarket Thanks to SBS for this great turret replacement and to IPMS-USA for the opportunity to review and share my comments with our readers.


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