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September 20, 2017
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Base Kit
Hobby Boss

Again, a (British term) “Lovely” set of cast metal gear to help your model stand on its own without looking like Bambi on pond ice after a few months.

This set is the usual SAC total replacement of the kit items, with improved assembly and ease of installation. Whereas on this kit you are required to capture a wire between the strut halves for strength (which is still an improvement over total plastic gear), SAC saves you the effort of having to clean up the parts after assembly.

The other benefit I n this case is the axle assemblies are metal versus plastic. No broken off axles after a hard landing (just bend the gear back into place)

Consisting of 18 parts versus 21 for the kit, these parts just require a bit of inspection, a swipe or two with a sanding stick to clean up any mold parting marks, and painting. Use metal primer first (I like Tamiya’s gray spray primer from a rattle can), you can finish painting with whatever color you like to match the model, then install with superglue gel, thick, or epoxy. Complete!

I have recently had opportunity to inquire with “Man/woman on the street” opinions of others in the aircraft modeling community about metal gear replacement for plastic, namely the nationals at Omaha. The overwhelming response was highly positive. The discussion moved on to what type of metal was best, etc., and once again SAC had the preponderance of approval… here are the thoughts…

SAC gear is stronger than most plastic and is also resilient; it also bends into place if you are off a bit during installation, so you CAN get all tires on the ground. Bronze and brass have their place and are suited to really large models. Then again, Bronze/brass are VERY hard and can be difficult to work with.

The cost was noted as a breaker for some; I have to ask if one keeps their models or just throws them away because I make it a point when possible to use metal gear for durability. Its’ a cost-benefit thing to me; why work on something for 40 hours then have to repair it or do other things because the gear “quit working”. Worth every penny to me…

Finished pictures speak for themselves; Thanks again to SAC and IPMS for the opportunity to review these great upgrades! As Opus the Penguin would hear from the TV infomercials, BUY THEM NOW NOW NOW, you WANT THEM.

You know you do.


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