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January 16, 2013
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Company: Monogram - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Revell, Inc. - Website: Visit Site

The Kit

The kit for the Cobra can only be built as a stock vehicle. Representing the first generation of Cobras, it’s very highly detailed, being a true representation of the full-size car. The instructions are easy to read and the drawings are well detailed. All parts are called out by number, and there is a paint scheme included for all the parts.

The Build

The chassis is the first part of the kit to build; it has a lot of details and consists of many parts. Each part is a precise representation of the original and fits where it should. The motor also consists of multiple parts and accurately reflects the engine when completed. Most of the motor parts are small but are easy to place on the motor. The interior consists of basically the seats, stick shift, and the dash with all the Cobra’s gauges. The body of the kit is accurately molded, with the correctly rounded fenders and the body’s true lines. There aren’t many decals to put on since the original Cobra did not itself have a lot of decals on it.

Final Assembly

After the kit and all the details were painted, the chrome parts were glued in place on the body. There are quite a few parts to be added to the body; some are same and the other are a little bigger. The body is glued to the chassis at two points, front and rear, inside the body molding.

Thanks to Revell/Monogram for a great kit that can be enjoyed by all modelers, and IPMS-USA for allowing me to review it.


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