1966 Chevy Fleetside Pickup

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The 1966 Chevy Fleetside pickup by Revell was screaming for some old school modifications.


The 283 ci engine was bored out and I added a high rise manifold with 2 4 barrel carbs and chrome finned valve covers. It’s wired and plumbed.


Kit interior was pretty basic but that’s the way it would have been in 1966. Door panel and dash engraving was very crisp and easy to detail paint. I tossed the bench seat and added bucket seats and a console. A polished aluminum steering column was made with a gear shifter and turn signal lever added. The interior is also flocked.


Smooth, crisp lines and no flash. Emblems and door handles are provided on the chrome tree. I decided to leave them off for this old school custom. Front and rear pans were rolled and holes drilled for lights. Grill came from the parts box.


All the pieces were excellently engraved and there was little to no flash. The kit comes with a single exhaust so I needed to scratch build a dual exhaust system from floral wire and aluminum tubing. The only nasty issue with the kit is the wheels/tires. The wheels just don’t fit the excellent tires.

The Revell 1966 Chevy Fleetside pickup is a wonderful kit. Flash is non-existent and everything fits the way it should, except for the wheels/tire issue. There are really no extra parts. It’s made to build it as stock.

Thank you to IPMS for allowing me to review this kit.


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