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2776, 2777, 2778, and 2779
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I received four bottles ($3.95 each) of Rust Textures from Green Stuff World. Numbers 2776 thru 2779. They are formulated to simulate rust colors and have an added rust texture to them. The four colors represented the various stages of rust from a dark brown old rust color to a light orange fresh new rust color. Upon opening the paint, I found they were very thick and had a grainy texture. They and not a thin liquid like the average paint. No shaking or stirring was needed to prepare them. However, I do recommend tapping the bottom of the bottle in the palm of your hand to make sure that not too much paint is gathered in the lid.

When using the paint, I found they cover very well and have a rough and grainy appearance. I painted the area I wanted to rust first with regular acrylic paint and left it dry. Then I added the various rust texture paint on top. I found adding a drop of water to my brush first let me get the exact effect wanted. When all was dry I ever so lightly dry brushed the area with a steel color to further simulate that it was metal.

Cleaning up was very easy because they are acrylic-based and not enamel or lacquer-based paint I simply washed my brush in water and was done.

Whether or not you find the need to have a special selection of paint for rust textures the paints are very useful, and they are available in a variety of colors. I have included some pictures of a Panzer IV that I used the paints on and was pleased with the results. I recommend these paints for their ease of use and quality and selection. Be careful there are a lot of wonderful products on the Green Stuff World Website.


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