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March 27, 2020
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Brengun 1/72 P-51 Mustang 1a
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Brengun has produced an accessory set for their P-51 1a kit.

What’s in the Package

This set contains a photo etch fret, clear acetate sheet with the instrument panel dials, 5 resin gun barrels and a single page instruction sheet. Upon inspection I noticed that a couple areas of the etched parts were not fully etched and that bending these would be not quite as easy as normal. The acetate sheet with the dials looked very nice but the gun barrels had a small problem…..two were warped.


It’s fair to say that most of this set deals with the cockpit, which is interesting in one respect, the kit has a one-piece closed canopy! Some minor “reducing” of some raised detail is required for the side walls but nothing real difficult. The control panel is pretty nice when completed but since you can’t see the rudder pedals, I decided to leave them out.

The landing scissors and brake line are provided for but be very careful as the struts are fragile. I managed to get the scissors on but had problems with the brake lines, so they were left off.

The Radiators variable outlet flap is included, and some minor but easy surgery is required, and all went well with this installation.

The gun barrels posed a challenge, and I failed. Two were warped and when the attempt to straighten them was made, they broke. So, the kit ones were left on, sorry folks.


This is a pretty nice set despite the problems I had. If you are an experienced modeler and pick up the Brengun P-51 1a kit, I recommend it.

I would like to thank Hauler-Brengun for providing this kit and the review corps for not only letting me build it but putting up with my delays in building it!


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