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Base Kit
Any German WWII ground vehicle in 1/72 scale
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Provided by: Hauler Brengun
Lamp Package

Notek lights were blackout drive lights used by German military vehicles in WWII. They were named after the Munich-based company that produced them, Nova-Technik GmbH.

The unit consisted of a 35-watt bulb under the hooded housing that shined backward against a mirror. The reflected light illuminated the ground ahead of the vehicle from under the helmet-like hood. The Notek light illuminated the road to about 100 to 130 feet ahead of the vehicle in a roughly 80-foot swath and had three settings: dim (invisible from the air above 2,000ft), medium, and full (invisible from the air above 6,400ft).

Thanks to Hauler, modelers now have a beautifully detailed aftermarket resin casting for their braille scale German WWII vehicles. This outstanding set comes with four lamps, consisting of two pieces each; they are tiny, but very well detailed. Manufactured by Jan Sobotka, this package comes with one pour block (1 3/8” long) that will bring your German vehicle to the next level.

As you can see from the photos, the accessory set is well detailed and should take very little clean up to prepare the parts for your model. There are no instructions included, but it is pretty obvious how to assemble the two-part lamp. If you have experience with small scale and fiddly resin, this set will be perfect; if not, you have four lamps to practice with.

Profuse thanks to Hauler and Brengun and IPMS-USA for providing the review sample.


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