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February 20, 2022
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AFV Club Nashorn kit
Company: Eduard - Website: Visit Site
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Eduard has recently released a few Photo Etch items for the AFV Club Nashorn kit. This review encompasses the Nashorn Ammo Boxes.

In general, Eduard has replaced the back, the top and the folding doors of these boxes, which when shown closed the hinges can be clearly seen. When the box is viewed open the doors are “collapsed” and folded on top of each other and sit on top of the box. I built it open to also show the enhancements inside and also when the model is finished I intend to show the boxes mostly loaded with ammo and with a slight weathering on the inside. If you look close you might notice that I am using the “salt method” for the weathering process.

The kit allows you to make two boxes – one for each side. There are very small parts so patience and a steady hand are very necessary. I added all the parts on the folding doors to see how well they fit for this review, but I came to find out that when the doors are opened and folded on top, some of these parts will not be seen. Since installing those parts are time consuming and tedious you might want to leave them out if you intend to show the doors in the folded position. There will also be some cutting of the trays to allow the photo etch pieces to be added and when fitted they do enhance the trays a bit.

I can recommend this kit to anyone who has experience with photo etch but beginners beware that the small pieces are hard to glue without creating pools of glue. I do have to honestly say that if the Ammo Boxes will be left open then you might consider using the AFV kit parts. I feel that the beauty of this kit comes to play when the doors are closed or even partially closed to show at least the bottom set of trays. That’s just my opinion and you may see it differently. When the doors are closed the beauty of the hinges and the recessed handles makes it all worth it.

As always, my thanks go out to Eduard for submitting this product for review and a thank you to IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review this product.


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