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Richard Marmo
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Published on
September 18, 2020
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Digital PDF
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Gide #11

This 50-page reference document presents a nice pictorial history of the P-38H in the Pacific theater of WWII. While all but two of the photographs are black & white, this shouldn’t be a problem for modelers trying to duplicate the color scheme since all those shown were olive drab over gray.

This e-document allows a reader to navigate from a thumbnail list at the front or scroll through full-size photographs. The photos reveal the irregularities of the camo painting, the painted-on number designations, and general weather-beaten condition of the Lightnings in the Pacific. While the author admits the variable quality of the photos due to wartime limitations, there are some sharp, up-close ground and mid-air shots of the plane from various angles.

The author was not able to identify the individuals in photo #19. While I have yet to ID the women, I submit that the fellow in the photo is actor Gary Cooper. Cooper was too old and unfit for duty at the time, but he toured SW Pacific as a morale booster.

This work is both an interesting read from a purely historical viewpoint as well as a valuable resource for someone who wants to build a specific P-38H from the Pacific theater.

My thanks to Richard Marmo, IPMS #2 and IPMS USA for the opportunity to review these pictures. The timing couldn't be better with Tamiys hew P-38H hitting the shelves


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