Model Art Modeling Magazine, #898, August 2014

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September 10, 2014
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Monthly magazine, B5, Japanese text with some English text, color and black and white photos, 160 pgs.
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Company: Model Art - Website: Visit Site
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Model Art Magazine is a monthly magazine that covers aircraft, armor, ships and car modeling. Model Art started releasing magazines in 1966 and has evolved from there over the past forty eight years.

The August issue of Model Art contains one main article, a smaller secondary article and several reoccurring monthly features.

The issue starts off with several small articles, with one focusing on the Revell 1/32 Bf109G-10 Erla and another monthly feature IJA/N Airplane Illustrated. Next up is the monthly feature and this month they cover "Oceanic Camouflage" found on JASDF aircraft. The content of this article is highlighted with the use of several models to demonstrate the "oceanic camouflage". They do this through multiple photographs mainly in color with a few in black and white and with several color plates with FS color call outs. If you are interested in modeling JASDF and have problems getting the right colors, Mr. Hobby has the answer for you. They have made a set of paints geared specifically for JASDF oceanic colors.

Following the main article are several small articles including two monthly features. These are combined fleet organized course and Modeling the JASDF. This is were you will also find the secondary article about 100 years of aviation in Japans military.

The last couple articles are monthly features. The first is the New Kit Review. This months new kits are as follows. Hobby Boss 1/35 Sd. Kfz. 221 German Le. Pz. Sp. Wg, Aoshima 1/24 McLaren F1 GTR 1997, Fine Molds 1/35 JGSDF High Mobility Vehicle, Hasegawa 1/200 Peach Airbus A320 and Tamiya 1/35 Ford GPA. The last article is the Neo Historic Garage which this month features the Aoshima 1/24 Toyota GX81 Mark II GT Twin Turbo.

The rest of the magazine consists of future releases of models and model products, book review and hobby shop ads.

Even though Model Art is mainly printed in Japanese, I still find it to be a very valuable resource. For those that are more technologically advanced there are apps that will translate Japanese to English. I use one of these and it really helps to understand the articles. I recommend Model Art to modelers as another publication that you can pull information from.

I would like to thank Model Art and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review this magazine.


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