Mi-24D Internal Fuel Tank

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September 6, 2023
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BRL 72268
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Provided by: Hauler Brengun

This is an interesting set from Brengun as it allows the modeler to replicate the large internal fuel tank sometimes carried by the Mi-24 Hind. The set has 6 parts, consisting of the tank, what appears to be a spigot or filler connection, and 4 parts that make up the cradle the tank sits on. The parts are all crisply cast. However, I did discover a few pinholes on the underside of the tank and the ends of the cradles that needed to be filled and smoothed out when I put on the first coat of primer.

As with Brengun’s other resin accessory kits, the first step is to remove the parts from the pour stubs. A sharp razor saw makes quick work of this. I next assembled the cradle with superglue and then set it aside to dry and harden. Before the superglue had set completely, I test fit the tank onto the cradle to ensure that everything lined up. Next, I attached the spigot/filler part to the appropriate end of the tank, making sure it was aligned as shown in the instructions.

I primed the two subassemblies with Tamiya NATO Black. The instructions state that the cradle is to be light grey, so I used FS36375 that I had in the airbrush as the end of an F/A-18 painting session. I painted the tank Tamiya Flat Yellow, taking care to let some of the black primer coat show through to create shadows. Next was a coat of gloss to prepare the tank for the single decal. The decals are nicely printed and Brengun gives you two of the one decal needed. But as they are printed on continuous decal film, you will need to trim around the decal before applying it.

After the decal had dried, I attached the tank to the cradle again using superglue ,and once this had set up, I applied a flat coat to seal everything in. As the tank will be installed inside of a Mi-24 Hind, not much of it will be visible in 1/72 scale so I did not do a lot of weathering, but one certainly could do so if they liked.

This was a neat little kit and I really enjoyed putting it together. Now I have to dive into my stash and find a Hind to install it in.

Highly recommended.

Thank you to Brengun/Hauler for the review set and to IPMS-USA for letting me review it.


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