Metal Landing Gear for Kitty Hawk TF-9J

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October 6, 2014
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Kitty Hawk
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Many thanks to Mr. Ross MacMillan of Scale Aircraft Conversions and the IPMS Reviewer Corps for allowing me to try this neat conversion and replacement set for the new Kitty Hawk TF-9J. I am delighted to report on another sweet add-on and upgrade.

The 7 white-metal parts arrived in a blister pack, backed by the distinctive SAC company logo. The heft of the parts is very noticeable. All parts are free of sprues with the exception of the main mount retractors and nose well equipment. The parts require very little buffing, cleanup and polishing. The TF-9J kit gear struts directly replace the SAC parts. The main mount parts and nose strut parts attached to the kit fuselage with no difficulty. Kit parts that are replaced by SAC parts are D4 and E31, 33, 34. No replacement is provided for D1, but no replacement appears to be needed.

This SAC conversion set is essentially a kit part replacement. Other than polishing and detailing a bit, the parts are ready to drop in and mesh well with the kit. A very important feature of this replacement set is that the nose strut is of the proper length. The kit part has a shorter strut that may be accurate for an aircraft where the hydraulic pressure has bled off, settling into a nose-down position. The longer SAC strut puts the model in a more correct, nose-up position. I particularly liked the detail of the scissor link on the nose strut.

I highly recommend this add-on for the Kitty Hawk Cougar! SAC continues to release high-value kit upgrades.

Again, my sincerest gratitude to both Mr. Ross MacMillan of Scale Aircraft Conversions and the IPMS Reviewer Corps for providing me this conversion set for review. It is a great privilege, thank you!


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