B-17G Flying Fortress Gun Barrels

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Quickboost has come out with a direct replacement for the .50 Cal machine gun barrels on the HK Models 1/32nd B 17 Flying Fortress kit. You get 12 barrels, all the same length and style cast in resin. The packaging is quite adequate. There was nothing broken or warped. The quality of the casting is superb and there is no flash or pinholes. I would assume that the barrels are the proper length. They are a little fatter then the kit ones and look good. Another nice feature is that they are drilled out on the ends.

A word of caution may be necessary, on the HK kit, the kits gun barrels come in various lengths and some have flash suppressors. The quickboost are all the same length and style. A nice feature about these barrels is that they are somewhat generic in nature. I believe they can be used on any Allied Airplane that is 1/32nd and used .50 Cal machine guns.

Overall, I would recommend these barrels as replacement for the kits parts. They make a vast improvement over the kit machine gun barrels and will add an outstanding detail to an already outstanding model kit.

Thanks to Quickboost and IPMS/USA for providing this detail set for build and Review.


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