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February 27, 2017
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HMR 48014-2
Base Kit
Company: Hypersonic Models - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Hypersonic Models - Website: Visit Site

The Academy F-4 series of models are impressive models but they could benefit from a little bit of resin, especially in the cockpit. The F-4 cockpit, like most jets, is dominated by one item, the ejection seat. If you are going to add anything to your kit the ejection seat is that one item.

The parts are in a small Ziploc bag. Within that bag Hypersonic provides two seats. There are two seats and one gang pour block of the ejection handles. The ejection seat handles are safeguarded inside another baggie. A section of wire is included for the side of the seat. The casting of these seats in light grey resin is perfect. The detail is exquisite. The baggie is stapled to the instruction sheet which is folded into quarters. The instructions are on a single sheet of high quality paper. It is broken down into Navy and Air Force versions and has a painting guide for both types.

When ordering the seats, be sure to get the correct seat. Hypersonic offers a Navy Seat (HMR 48014-1) and an Air Force seat (HMR 48014-2). That is the level of detail and research that Hypersonic puts into all their work.

This set is simply a matter of using a grease-cutting dish detergent to remove mold release agents and dust. Then remove the seats from the pour block, and sand flat. Carefully clean up the handles as they are very small and fragile. Paint as instructed and add the wire as per the instructions. Then just slip it in your F-4C/D. Simple easy and effective.

There is no downside to this set that I can find. The molding is flawless. The detail is impeccable and impressive. The hardest part of this set will be the removing the handles from the pour block without breakage. This set is indicative of the quality from Hypersonic.

Highly recommended

Thanks to Hypersonic and IPMS/USA for the review items. Let them know you heard about it here.


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