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Master Models has created a superb replacement for the venerable M61 Vulcan cannon found in so many planes. The set consists of 6 perfectly turned brass barrels with hollowed out ends, a machined brass ring a machined center barrel and a set of photetched pieces to bring it all together.

Assembly is pretty straight forward but there are some pitfalls to watch for as you proceed. I attached the six barrels to the back plate and then worked at slipping the parts over and down the barrels. This will work but the barrels can spin and you need to watch alignment at all times. The photoetch parts are delicate and the fit is very tight. I suggest you build the two parts that slide over and then let them dry thoroughly and then slightly open the holes to allow them to slide easier. I didn't and had to force it some and that could distort the parts. After the parts slide, thin super glue will hold it together. Once dry, the parts are very study and the detail is so much better than kit parts. The hard part for me is determining which kit gets to add this set!

This set is recommended to modelers who have a little experience working with photoetch although it is not that difficult. My thanks to Master and IPMS/USA for the chance to review this excellent set.


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