Lavochkin La-5 Control Lever

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QB 48 607
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Company: Quickboost - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Aires Hobby Models - Website: Visit Site

The Zvezda kit has been out for few years now and it is without a doubt the best La-5 in 1/48 scale. Surprisingly, the folks at Aries/Quickboost have been busy creating resin upgrades specifically for it. Releasing new items this late in the game is a testament to the kits potential. I’ve had my kit for a while now waiting to perform an all out super build. I’ve collected a few goodies; mainly Eduard aftermarket sets, flaps and such, and needless to say when I spotted new items from Aires’s Quickboost line for it I offered to review all of them. Besides the control levers I also received the Quickboost La-5FN seat with safety belts #QB48 611 and from Aires the La-5FN cockpit set #4629 to review. Since the Aires cockpit set offers basically the same control lever I will be using that one. However as you can see in the photographs with the Quickboost offering you get 3 identical levers. They’ll need to be cleaned up a little but nonetheless they’re superior to the kit part and they should work with any of the La-5 kits available.

Bottom Line

I recommend this part for your next La-5 build and would like to thank: Quickboost, Aires and IPMS for the opportunity to present this piece to my fellow IPMS brothers and sisters.


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