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July 25, 2016
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Videoaviation is new to me and once I received the sample for review, I am wondering why I have not seen their fine aftermarket resin sets. Packaged in a sturdy plastic box, resin is protected by bubble wrap with all parts flash free and cast in light tan resin. A nice touch is the pour block on the pod is on the underside opposite the side on where it connects to the pylon. This makes it easy to remove that portion and sand contour without damaging features.

There are two choices on rocket types so take notes on what version you are modeling. These parts can easily be sanded free of the pour base. Instructions show to add lugs to the top but the sample already has these cast in simplifying the assembly however the lugs are very delicate and mine were broken. Not a problem if installing on a pylon and that detail will be hidden. Decals are included with all having a white background except for “Remove before Flight” flags.

Assembly, painting and decals was fairly smooth with a small amount of filer when I cut too deep separating he pour block. I reduced the size of the rocket head and aft portion slightly so they can be dry fitted and removed for painting. Instructions give you two choices, green or white as well as what areas are painted aluminum. You will need to check your references on what color to paint the heads and aft sections. I decided to add contrast on the aft section and used various shades of metal colors. Decals are very nice and thin. The only issue I found is the red arrows indicated in the instructions to install on fwd and aft sections. There is only enough to do aft or fwd but not both. Looking at references, I do not see many pods with these markings, check your references. A final coat of flat clear varnish and it is all done.

The only thing I need to worry myself with is deciding on what kit to put this on, OV-10, A-1J or other…..then again I can always get another set! Two pods are included in the set. There is something I would like to see on future releases or if a different pod version becomes available is an option of a fwd cover in addition to exposed rocket heads.

I would like to thank Videoaviation for this review sample.


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