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May 8, 2018
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Base Kit
Airfix JU-87 Stuka

The new Airfix Stuka is the model we’ve been waiting for the iconic dive bomber. As always there are some things that can be improved with resin. The kit prop and blades are a little off and lack detail. Well, what do you do if you want the blades to be accurate? Quickboost has provided the answers with their new Propellers and tool.

Inside the standard Quickboost quick seal packaging are five parts for the propeller, three blades and one spinner assembly. The other part is the alignment tool. There are small pour blocks that will be needed to be removed.

The spinner is perfectly shaped. The spinner features the proper propeller openings as well as detail missed in the kit. Detail such as panel lines and screws are added to the Quickboost spinners.

The shape of the blades is perfect and a noticeably different shape compared to the kit parts. The prop blades are suitably thin. You will have to drill a mounting hole in the spinner but this is easy with the tool as is aligning all the blades. Either of these propellers would add to the look your Stuka. Just make sure you choose the correct type for your subject aircraft. The Jumo is normally associated with the B-1 and early B-2. The VS-11 is for later B-2s and Ds.

These are a simple and effective way to upgrade your Stuka and make a good kit even better. That is what you get with these sets. Two more winning sets from Quickboost.

Highly recommended

Thanks to Aires and IPMS/USA for the review copies. You can obtain yours by contacting them or your local hobby shop or online retailer.


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