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December 10, 2015
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British hard edged camouflage is always a pain in the butt to get to look right. Eduard has provided a way to make this camouflage simple and easy. Kabuki tape masks. The Kabuki tape is flexible and provide a perfect hard edge.

You will have to find the exact aircraft that you building to determine if it has the scheme A or B. It use to be ‘known’ that even number aircraft had the A scheme and odd numbers had the B. Well that isn’t quite true. It is more of a guideline than a hard fast rule.

This set has two sheets of Kabuki tape masks. One is for the wings and the other is for the fuselage and tail surfaces.

This set is designed for the Airfix kit but will fit any 1/48th Hurricane. Using the set is easy enough. You paint the bottom color then use the provided masks to mask off that area. Next you paint the lighter upper color over the entire upper surface. After it dries you add the next set of masks. Then paint the darker color and remove all the masks and you are done.

It is very simple and easy to do. The Kabuki tape ensures that the masks are installed and sealed properly just like Tamiya tape. This is an easy and inexpensive set to use. I’ll be using this set and the other camouflage masking sets for all my British aircraft.

Highly recommended

Thanks to Eduard and IPMS/USA for the review item. You can obtain yours by contacting Eduard at or at your local hobby shop or online retailer.


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