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This masking set is designed for Eduard’s L-39 Albatros kits and includes masks for all three sections of the canopy and for the main gear tires. As with all of Eduard’s mask sets, the fit of the masks is excellent as long as you take a little time to line them up.

For the main canopy sections, the set provides masks for the outlines of the canopy frames. and the instructions tell you to fill in the rest with liquid mask. As there is a lot of extra material on the mask set outside of the pieces to be used, I instead cut small pieces from the extra tape and used it to fill in the rest of the canopies. On interesting inclusion are masks for the clear divider section that goes between the cockpits. I did not use it as I left this piece out until final construction of the kit. I’m not sure how I would have gotten the mask off if I had used it and installed the part prior to painting.

The set includes two options for painting the main tires, there is a mask for each tire with the center open to allow you to paint the hub after you have painted the tire, or there are masks for the hubs so that you can paint the tire after you paint the hub. You are on your own for the nose wheel as nothing is provided for it.

As I am an old-school Scotch-tape, cut your own mask modeler, this set really speeded up the canopy preparation and also was much easier to remove when done.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to Eduard for the review sample.


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