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June 30, 2019
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The Gloster Meteor was one of the iconic, pioneering jet fighters to become available during the final year of World War Two.

Master Models is a Polish company that produces some of the finest aftermarket brass accessories to enhance just about any scale model. I have used their offerings before, and love the final look and relative ease of using them.

Airfix has released a couple of Meteor kits over the last few years, and I recently snapped one up from my local hobby shop.

The kit pitot is represented as a straight plastic tube with no relief whereas, I believe, it should taper in towards the end. I clumsily broke the plastic tube when removing it from the sprue and super glued it back together for the pictures here.

The finesse of the Master Model pitot tube is simply outstanding. It is fairly stiff and should withstand some handling. It slots into the wing recess perfectly and will be superglued in place at the end of the build. This will definitely add more realism to an already very nice model.

My sincere thanks to Master Models and IPMS USA for the opportunity to review another fantastic product.


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