German Aircraft Instrument Panels Vol. 2

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Dariusz Karnas
ISBN # 978-83-63678-80-7
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Hardback, 38 pages, English text, color and black and white photos, color illustrations
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Inside 02
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This is the second volume of the “Inside” series of books featuring the instrument panels of various German WWII aircraft. MMP Books previously released Vol 1 which covered the Bf-109F-4, Bf-110E, Fi-156 Storch, Fw-190A-3, Hs-123, and the Ju-88A-4.

This second volume covers the Bf-109E, Me-262A, Ju-87A, He-111, Hs-126 and the Do-17.

A special treat awaits the reader. The panel for the Bf-109E-4 is provided, full size, as a poster!

In North America, Casemate is the distributor for MMP.

As in the previous volume, there are two characteristics that make this book very useful to modelers. First, the entire instrument panel for each of the six aircraft featured is provided in full color. Secondly, every single instrument seen in the panel illustration is also shown in a separate drawing. These drawings are quite large and are close to “actual size” of the instrument face and bezel. The detail offered by this MMP book will guide the modeler who wants to create a more accurate and highly detailed instrument panel than is offered by kit decals.

You can view a book trailer which shows every page in the book, one at a time, at

This book is highly recommended. The artwork is superb, the accompanying text is clear and concise, and the black & white images are clean and sharp. Thanks go to Mushroom Models Publications for the opportunity to review it.


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