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Great Wall Hobbies Fw-189
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Quickboost is releasing products similar to this item for an ever-widening range of aircraft, and each of these products that I’ve seen lives up to the high standards of quality for which Quickboost is known. Included in this offering are four individual prop blades, two prop hubs into which the blades are fitted, and two spinners. Of course, also included is the “tool”, which is a solid block of resin with a specially designed layout that holds the prop blades and hubs in correct alignment for assembly.


Assembly is straightforward and can be accomplished after painting. That makes life easier for the builder. One simply places a “hub” in the receiving bay within the “tool”, places a prop on the “tool”, and glues it into the hub. No fuss, no muss, and perfect alignment every time!


Quickboost “Props and Tool” accessories have rapidly become Standard Operating Procedure for many modelers. The accuracy is outstanding, the quality of the molding is excellent, and ease of use exceeds expectations. This product is highly recommended.

Thanks to the fine folks at Quickboost for the opportunity to review this item for IPMS.


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