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September 13, 2018
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BRL 48092
Base Kit
1/48 Luftwaffe Night Fighter
Company: Brengun - Website:
Provided by: Brengun - Website:

Brengun continues to expand its line of accessories this time with the FuG-220 Lichtenstein SN2 antenna set for Luftwaffe Night Fighters.

The fret includes 4 sets of dual antenna dipoles, including the dipole braces/frame and a set of re-enforcements to connect the brace with the nose (applicable for the Ju-88).

This particular antenna set is appropriate for any 1/48 Ju-88C/R/G, Me-110G, He-219 or Ta-154V15. It should be noted that for the Me-110 and He-219 you will need to slightly modify the parts, only using the antenna dipoles.

The fret design is very smart, locating all the attachment points at the end of the dipoles, making removal from the fret simple and preventing the dipoles or the dipole braces from having any minor blur that would need to be removed.

Replacing the plastic parts by this PE set will provide a more-to-scale looks, while simplifying the overall assembly of the radar antennas given that the dipoles and braces are a single piece. Well done Brengun!

This set can be used with many kits, just to name a few: Tamiya He-219, Dragon Ju-88 Monogram or Eduard Bf-110, Dragon Ta-154 and likely others that escape my mind.


I would like to thank Brengun and IPMS/USA for the review sample.


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