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January 2, 2014
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Bruce Gamble
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First edition, Paperback, 6x9, 416 Pages, 19 B&W photos, 5 maps
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How many have heard of it? How about the significance it played in WWII in the South Pacific?

Now, what if I mention these actions: Guadalcanal, The Slot, Battle of Bismarck Sea, the Battle of the Coral Sea, or the shoot down of Admiral Yamamoto, just to mention a few. Do these sound familiar? I bet they do. One major connecter to them all. Rabaul.

Having an interest in military history during WWII, I was familiar with many of the actions above but I had not heard of Rabaul prior to reading this book. Now I understand the importance of this island.

In this book author Bruce Gamble takes you on very detailed and documented journey of this seemingly remote island and the significance it played during the battle of the Pacific during the early stages of WWII. The Author also has a personal connection with some of the actions there as his uncle was a B-17 navigator and had logged at least nineteen combat missions over Rabaul. The author uses many first hand accounts of the action along with official military records from Japan, United States and Australia to give an extremely detailed narration of the actions from all sides.

Honestly I had not read a book like this in many years and towards the end I found it difficult to put down because I could not wait for what was upcoming.

I highly recommend this book to military history fans.

I want to thank Quayside Publishing Group / Zenith Press and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review this great book.


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