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Quickboost has provided the modeler with the means to show his Corsair model not with static elevators, but have them deflected. Cast in the usual fine grain resin, the only flash is on the stabilizer and that is on purpose to ease the extraction of the cast parts from the rubber molds. This flash is very thin and quite easy to remove, posing no problems. A razor saw and a pair of snips is all that is required to remove the parts from the casting gate. Quickboost has provided a drawing on the filler paper that shows what has to be removed.

Quickboost has done all the hard work for you as they have taken the Tamiya parts, cut them apart and put a groove in the stabilizers allowing the elevators to fit properly. All you have to do is attach the stabilizer to the fuselage (using CA) and then glue on the elevators to the deflection you want. Don’t forget to move the control stick forward to mirror the amount of elevator deflection. One last thing, the Tamiya part being fixed had the push rod that went from the stabilizer to the trim tab, but since the Quickboost part is movable this is left off and once you have set the amount of deflection just use a thin piece of rod or wire to recreate this push rod to the trim tab.

I can highly recommend this product as it will save a lot of time and make a more realistic model. In addition, while I haven’t checked it out I don’t see why it wouldn’t work on other models of the F4U Corsair than Tamiya. I want to thank IPMS/USA and Quickboost for the chance to do this review.


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