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September 7, 2019
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Base Kit
Zoukei Mura Phantoms
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About HM (from the website)

Hypersonic Models are currently located in Sennan City, Osaka prefecture, Japan, and products are manufactured, packed and shipped from there. All items for sale here are original Hypersonic Models' products, we don't act as re-sellers for other brands' or companies' products.

Contents Description

The parts and instructions come in a small, sturdy cardboard package with a flip top lid. The detail set is comprised of resin and PE parts for windscreen, forward-, center- and rear canopies and includes canopy actuator jacks, safety uplocks (optional installation), detailed downlocks, forward and rear compasses and various detail parts for the center canopy section. Parts are included for all major variants: F-4B/N, F-4C/D, F-4J/S, F-4E/EJ, F-4F and FG.1/FGR.2. Also included are parts for the VTAS system in the front canopy on late F-4J's, F-4N and F-4S as well as two lengths of different diameter copper wire for cable detail. Tucked in with the resin parts are vinyl masks to protect the kit's clear parts when making necessary modifications for the installation of the resin parts. The resin parts are packaged separate from the PE parts, the PE is further protected by a cardboard stiffener in the clear zip lock bag.

Note that clear parts are not included!

The Hypersonic web page notes the accessories are available for Hasegawa, Academy or Zoukei Mura 1/48th scale F-4 Phantom kits, however when making the on-line purchase the correct kit manufacturer must be sellected.


The instructions are provided on two small sheets of glossy paper, printed on both sides. The instructions include text and diagrams walking the modeler step-by-step through the modification and placement process.

Work Required

The Zoukei-Mura clear canopy parts come with interior raised detail that must be removed in order for certain of the Hypersonic Models resin parts to fit. The instructions will clearly show what needs to be none both in text and diagrams. Vinyl masking is included to protect the inner surface of the clear parts.

First up is the front main canopy. Masking included in the set is used to protect the clear parts while the raised interior surface detail is removed. The resin interior frame is glued in place followed by the PE rails and mirrors. The next step involves the detail installation of the VTAS system for he appropriate F-4 version..

The windscreen upgrade follows and is one of the lesser work-intensive details involving one resin and one PE part. Again the instructions clearly show what work is required.

Next the frame for the rear canopy is addressed. Resin and PE parts are placed here. The middle canopy follows in a similar fashion with resin and PE, plus bits of wire also included with this set. A word of caution here: review the instructions carefully as the details for the middle canopy differ for each F-4 version.


The Zoukei-Mura 1/48th scale Phantoms are fabulous kits. The overall detail and parts makeup is amazing. I have the ZM F4S and can only assume the other versions include the same fine detail. The F-4S has two options for the canopy: closed or open, with four parts provided for the open option. For those modelers choosing the open option this Hypersonic Models set allows for some additional detailing.

No question this set may offer challenges to the builder, but with some care and patience the canopy clear parts will be greatly enhanced with the addition of this set. I plan to build the Zoukei-Mura F-4S Phantom in the near future and plan to include these accessories in the build. This set is not for everyone, but those wanting to further detail the open canopy option this set will add detail often not offered in the base model kit.

Based on the contents of the model kit's 30 page instruction manual for the ZM F-4S Phantom this kit is for the experienced builder, and this resin set will certainly add to the challenge and enjoyment. I highly recommend this resin and PE upgrade for any of the current Phantom kits available.

It should be noted that Hypersonic Models also offers this upgrade set for the 1/48th scale Academy and Hasegawa F-4 Phantoms.

Many thanks to Hypersonic Models and to IPMS/USA for allowing me the opportunity to review and add this set to my F-4S.


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