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The F-16 is another fighter on my all time favorite aircraft list for not only it’s performance but also, it’s use by many countries around the world (yes, I love small air forces). The Montana Air National Guard received the Fighting Falcon to replace the 106s and they looked good with the C M Russell skull on the tail while I lived in Great Falls. Then I moved to Salt Lake City and was just south to the home of the 16 at Hill AFB so I have seen them in the air and close up many times.

Richard Marmo once again gathers a bunch of great shots of this bird in it’s many forms and puts them together on one CD.

The disc is in HTML format and while it does require an internet browser to open you do not need an internet connection.

Richard has collected almost 900 photos on this CD. These are from Lockheed Martin, the US Air Force and other parties and while some have been seen before there are many are new to me.

The pictures are split into sections with coverage of the F-16 Design Concepts, the YF-16, A/AM, B/BM, C, CJ, D, E, F, I, XL, the AFTI, Experimentals, F-16/79, F-16/101, NF-16D, the Mitsubishi F-2 and, of course, The Thunderbirds. The largest section is labeled Undetermined Subtype

Most of the pics on this CD are in full color and are mainly overall shots of airframes thought there are a few close ups and some cockpit shots. There are lots of pictures of the Thunderbirds, the F-16XL, Aggressors, other Air Forces and even some of the special schemes the Viper has worn over its long career.

While I haven’t looked at all the pictures to review the captions I have only found errors on two of the many I have looked at. They are descriptions of the camouflaged prototype being loaded on a C-5. The description says the camo is green and tan, but the pictures show it in the blue and cream scheme. I emailed Richard about this and he said that was the info supplied with the picture.

I still would like to be able to move through each section by clicking on the pictures to get to the next one instead of going back and clicking a new shot. Even with that limitation I love the number and variety of pictures on this disc and will be making use of it in many of the Viper builds.

Thanks to Richard and IPMS/USA for the review sample.


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