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January 21, 2021
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QB72 634
Base Kit

This set is designed to be used on Academy’s new F-14Tomcat kits. The set consists of a pair of drop-in replacements for kit parts F15/F17 and F17/F18 which make up the rear part of the intake trunks immediately in front of the engines. Academy did a nice job in trying to reduce the seam between the upper and lower parts, however, the Quickboost parts eliminate the seam completely.

Both intakes are nicely molded and as the intakes are handed the pour stubs clearly indicate which the left intake is and which is the right one. I marked “L” and “R” on the resin parts with a Sharpie before removing them from the pour stubs under the KISS principal, even though I know that they will not fit if swapped, having just completed building the kit.

The parts are easily removed with razor saw and I used some 600-grit sandpaper to clean up the cut ends. The cast parts include the indentations for mounting the kit engine faces, so installation will be easy.

This is a nice set from Aires/Quickboost and I am looking forward to using it on the next Academy F-14 Tomcat that I build. Highly recommended.

Thank you to Aires Hobby Models for the review sample and to IPMS-USA for the opportunity to review it.


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