F-15E/I Strike Eagle Landing Gear Set

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June 15, 2023
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Great Wall Hobby Kit
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The Item

If you want to bring your 1:72 scale Great Wall Hobby model kit to the next level, this excellent white metal cast detail set is just the thing for you. This 9-piece complete gear set not only provides sturdy, fully detailed parts replacements but they are specifically designed to fit the attachment points of the Great Wall Hobby kit.

Remove the parts from the casting stubs so as to avoid bending them. As with other SAC sets, there are minimal casting seams on the parts that will need to be removed. Simple scraping, filing, or sanding makes for easy clean-up. After removal from the casting stubs, the parts can be carefully polished with a rotary tool brush, then primed and painted. Because of their malleable nature, the parts can be gently bent for a proper profile and perfect fit

All-in-all this set will definitely enhance the appearance of your Great Wall Hobby F-15E/I model.

The Subject

The F-15E Strike Eagle is a multi-role fighter aircraft used primarily by the United States Air Force. It is a variant of the F-15 Eagle, specifically designed for long-range, all-weather strike missions. Here are some key details about the F-15E Strike Eagle:

Role: The F-15E Strike Eagle serves as an all-weather, multi-role fighter capable of performing air-to-air and air-to-ground missions. It combines the air superiority capabilities of the F-15C with the ground attack capabilities of the F-15D.

Features: The Strike Eagle features a two-seat cockpit, with a pilot and a weapons systems officer (WSO) who operates the advanced avionics and weapon systems. It has a maximum takeoff weight of around 81,000 pounds (36,700 kilograms) and can carry a wide range of air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons.

Armament: The aircraft can carry a combination of missiles, bombs, and rockets, including AIM-9 Sidewinder and AIM-120 AMRAAM air-to-air missiles, as well as various air-to-ground weapons like Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAMs), Paveway laser-guided bombs, and cluster bombs.

Performance: The F-15E Strike Eagle has impressive performance capabilities. It has a top speed of over Mach 2.5 (approximately 1,875 miles per hour or 3,000 kilometers per hour) and a combat radius of more than 800 miles (1,290 kilometers). It can operate at high altitudes and is capable of air-to-air refueling for extended missions.

Operational History: The F-15E Strike Eagle has been in service with the United States Air Force since the late 1980s and has seen active combat in various conflicts, including the Gulf War, Kosovo War, Afghanistan War, and Iraq War. It has proven to be a highly effective aircraft in both air-to-air and air-to-ground operations.

Upgrades: Over the years, the F-15E Strike Eagle has undergone several upgrades to enhance its capabilities. These upgrades have included improvements to its avionics, radar systems, electronic warfare systems, and weapons systems, allowing it to remain a potent fighter and attack aircraft.

The F-15E Strike Eagle continues to serve as a vital asset in the U.S. Air Force's arsenal, providing a combination of air superiority and ground attack capabilities in a single platform.

Thanks go to Scale Aircraft Conversions (SAC) for providing this set and to IPMS USA for allowing me to review it for them.


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