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December 31, 2014
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Eduard F-14 or Any 1/48 Scale Aircraft
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In case you missed the IPMS/USA Nationals this past summer, Eduard released a 1/48 scale F-14A Tomcat as part of a special Danger Zone boxing that included a slew of photoetch and resin detail parts along with the plane. I mention this as some of the detail items, such as this set, are now being released to further spruce up the limited edition release. I have never seen anything like this fabric set, so I would consider this a warning shot across the bow of other detail part manufacturers.

Although made “specifically” for the Eduard 1/48 scale F-14, the remove before flight tags in this set will look good and will be appropriate on any kit in this scale. In the case of this review, I decided to add tags to the pitot tubes of the F-35C that I recently completed. The set includes a sheet of paper with the tags adhered to it, as well as a photoetch fret containing connectors typically seen with the tags. The instructions also mention the use of wire, which is what I first attempted for this review. To make my pitot covers, I applied drops of Micro Kristal Klear to the ends of the tubes and allowed them to dry between applications. I then finished them with Model Master Acryl Insignia Red.

As far as my hits are concerned, I have never seen a product like this. The tags are very realistic when attached. The fabric can best be described as rubbery, and it easily peels from the backing paper. As I discovered when photographing my installed tags, the slightest breeze will make the tags move, just like the real thing! The printing on the tags is incredibly clear, making them the best tags I have seen to date.

My only miss is that the fabric is rather fragile. I discovered this when I attempted to install a small piece of wire to use for attaching the tag. A slight pull as I was bending the wire ripped through the tag. This led me to attach these with G.S. Hypotube cement since they were attaching to a cover anyway.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend this set to anyone wanting to add some realistic looking remove before flight tags to their 1/48 scale kit. Eduard and others have produced similar tags before in paper and photoetched offerings, but these are, by far, the best that I have encountered. Although slightly fragile, the tags can be made ready for use by any modeler with some experience with delicate parts.

I would like to thank the folks at Eduard for graciously providing these remove before flight tags to the IPMS/USA for review and to Dave Morrissette for allowing me to receive this set. I would also send kudos out to the assistants in the Review Corps for the great job they do in keeping the Corps running strong and as always, my appreciation to anyone who takes the time to read my comments.


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