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January 16, 2014
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Base Kit
Meng F-102 (Case-X)
Provided by: Quickboost - Website:

Quickboost has added the bomb bay pistons for the F-102A to their line of resin aircraft accessories. This latest addition is molded in a gray resin, it’s smooth, seamless and bubble free. The package label says that it is for a bomb bay but it is actually called a missile bay because the F-102 was an interceptor not a bomber.

Comparing the Quickboost parts to the Meng parts you will see that the Meng pistons are molded to the missile bay doors and that the Quickboost pistons have a more 3D look to them because they are separate parts. To use the Quickboost parts you will have to shave off the molded on pistons and replace them with the new Quickboost parts. Removal of the Quickboost parts is very easy because they have a little bit of a perforation and can be removed from the mold block with a hobby knife.

I very highly recommend this product if you want a nice and detailed F-102A. I would like to thank Quickboost and IPMS USA for the chance to do this review.


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