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September 9, 2022
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About the Creators

Bases by Bill, LLC is one of those rare companies that began from love of the model building hobby, a good idea and true family involvement. They specialize in hand-finished hardwood display bases and cases and other presentation items for scale models.

I had the great pleasure of meeting them at the 2022 IPMS National Convention in Omaha, Nebraska. The company is operated by Bill & his son Weston and receives marketing and website support from his nephew Christian. It truly is a family company.

Bill is an aircraft modeler while Weston tends toward armor. One day, Bill, using his other passion of woodworking, glued up some pieces of wood into a Balken Kreuz and took it to one of his local chapter meetings (IPMS Mad City Modelers). His fellow members loved the base. As it usually happens with entrepreneurial-minded people, Bill knew right away that he had something and began to pursue creating professional bases - his son Weston receiving full credit for encouraging and prodding his father. They went through a lot of trial and error, using lasers, 3D printers---finding out what worked and didn’t work.  They took their bases to local shows and got feedback from modelers. And, they took the time to listen to modelers.

Now, their company has grown into an operation that produces a range of beautiful display bases for armor, aircraft, cars, figures along with painted bases. They also produce a wide range of display cases, and right now, their custom 1/1200 Titanic and ship cases are some of their best sellers.


This review is of one of their armor display bases. As you see in the photo, it features a very attractive wood grain, a very smooth finish with a consistent and rich stain color. The laser etch is very fine and precise with consistent depth and exactingly sharp lines and outlines.

Thank you Bill & Phil for all you do for the Reviewers!


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