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March 6, 2013
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Base Kit
HK Models 1/32 B-25H/J
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I feel I have to start this review by saying that Eduard, as always, has come out with a fine product and once again has set the bar. I cannot remember any product from Eduard that I reviewed that had nothing but the best to say about it. Minute flaws, yes, but overall always highly recommended.

However, I did have to say that HK did their homework, also. With Eduard, the details are flawless, fit perfectly, and are well-engineered, but, so are HK’s. The detail on both sets are so close that it makes it impossible to say if this upgrade is really worth doing. I’m not talking about the cost. With Eduard one always gets his money’s worth by way of fit and quality. I’m talking about how close these parts are to one another with respect to detail and accuracy. Even the tire lettering on both sets is spot-on. Eduard’s wheels, as well as HK’s, also fit on Scale Aircraft Conversions’ landing gear, which, I feel, is a total necessity due to all the weight I had to use not to make the B-25 a tail-sitter.

Eduard’s wheels are a bit taller and fatter, which is why I will opt to install them on my kit. This difference isn’t that great and probably, if viewed apart, one may not notice. Up close, they can be noticed. Also, the photo etch cover for the front wheel is a nice touch and doesn’t have to be painted because it gives the look of it being slightly weathered.

This Eduard Brassin Wheel Kit, which has been designed solely for HK’s 1/32 B-25H/J Model, includes a total of 13 parts: 11 finely detailed resin parts, 1 photo etch part, and 1 masking set for painting the wheels. Of the 11 resin parts, there are two large wheels, one front wheel, and backing plates for all which contain detail of hydraulic hoses. The PE part is the front wheel cover which can be added as an option. The mask is self-explanatory and very helpful if you decide to paint them after they are glued together.

Needless to say, Eduard’s work, as always, is about the best you can get and I would highly recommend this kit if HK’s quality was not so close to Eduard’s. If you want to go for the extra money, then by all means do so, for you are not going to be disappointed at all. But, if the price of the kit has squeezed your back pocket considerably, than all I can say is that the OEM pieces are not at all disappointing. This has to be your call. Either way, the fact still stands that Eduard produces and will always produce fine products from resin to brass to plastic.

I would like to thank Eduard for sending us a sample and IPMS/USA for giving me the opportunity to review this product.


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