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April 8, 2020
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IPMS/USA says “thanks kindly” to Brengun for supporting the IPMS USA reviewer corps with yet one more of their growing number of releases, with useful additions for those who build. And thanks to IPMS leadership for sending it to me to be reviewed.

This set has 10 parts… One nose gear wheel and tire and nose gear fork, two main gear wheels and tires, and two outrigger wheels and tires all cast in resin. Also included is a small etch brass set with torque links for the outrigger gear. The resin is cast in medium gray color, and this is the ultimate provision including a professional final touch for those of us who frequent the Lilliputian scale of 1/144. There are instructions included to assist you in your task.

Clean the resin with your own mold release agent remover, paint with flat black primer, then use a touch of flat white on a 00000 brush or a toothpick… followed by a gloss on the wheel, so a bit of weathering dark gray or black pin wash can be used to bring out the detail. As to the photoetch, a bit of primer spray will help with paint adhesion here as well

The wheel details, including brake pad assemblies for the rear of the wheels, and cooling holes for the brake system on the forward wheel face, are amazing. The PE is also an excellent touch. Past my ability to manufacture, it’s an amazing bit of art and wizardry, just waiting for an opportunity to be held by micro tweezers and plinked off into the carpet. WEAR eye protection, this stuff is tiny and has serious potential to cause damage if released with tiddly-wink precision by the modeler!

Brengun appears to have the 1/144 scale aftermarket details firmly in hand, and we appreciate Brenguns’ owners for supporting us… thanks to them and Phil and John for sending Brengun stuff my way…!


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