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January 9, 2022
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AMG 72023
Base Kit
Zvezda, Trumpeter and Hasegawa Su-27
Company: Advanced Modeling - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Advanced Modeling - Website: Visit Site

This is the second Russian exhaust nozzle set made by Advanced Modeling that I have reviewed. AMG 72023 provides eight resin pieces that will make two AL-31F exhaust nozzles used in the Su-27 family. The castings are very delicate with very fine details that are better than any plastic Su-27 exhaust nozzles made. Fabrication is very simple, I started by using a razor saw to remove the casting plugs and cleaning the cut edges with a sanding stick. I then pre-painted the inside surfaces and placed part RP03, the afterburner ring into part RP04, the aft exhaust body using superglue to attach the two.

Parts RP01, the inner nozzle is placed into part RP02, the outer nozzle body again using superglue to attach the pieces. The instructions are in English and Russian that shows this sequence, the only thing that it does not give is any indication to paint colors. One will have to go online and check out the photos on this engine to determine that. After these two sub-assemblies had cured I glued RP04 onto RP02 with superglue. This is a butt joint so go slowly to insure a good fit all around.

This kit came in a rectangular cardboard type box with the smaller items in plastic bags and the larger parts wrapped in bubble wrap. When I received this item in the mail it was on a hot summer day. When I opened the container I noticed the larger pieces were deformed and all out of round with the smaller pieces in good condition. I don't blame Advanced Modeling as this is just a normal hazard when dealing with thin, delicate resin parts shipped thru the mail system in the summer months. Not one to let this be a setback I decided to see if I could correct the problem. With the outer nozzle body (RP02) I found I had to use some very hot tap water to soften the resin enough to get the part sort of round. I found a piece for brass tubing that would be the right inside diameter and reheated the resin part again in hot tap water and then forced the brass tube in to reform the body into a round shape. The same process was done with the aft exhaust body (RP04) except here I found a dowel that was the right diameter. I let these sit for about one week and when I removed the plugs the parts did retain their round shape.

One thing that I found interesting was the claim that the Advanced Modeling exhaust nozzles were “suitable for Zvezda, Trumpeter and Hasegawa Su-27 model kits”. Since I have one of each I thought I would check out this claim starting with the Hasegawa model. The kit I have is the 1/72 Su-27 “Ukrainian Air Force” kit no. 00062. To get the AM nozzles to fit the fuselage I had to modify the kit part D6 by opening up the center area enough to allow the AM nozzle assembly to fit into part D6. Once this was done the AM nozzle would be able to fit onto the Hasegawa fuselage.

For the Trumpeter kit I have the 1/72 Su-27 UB Flanker C kit no. 01645. In this case to get the AM nozzles to fit I had to grind off the lip at the rear of the fuselage. This lip holds the Trumpeter exhaust nozzles in place, but blocks the AM nozzles from having a close fit. Once ground off the AM nozzle fits with no problem.

For the Zvezda kit I have the 1/72 Su-27SM Flanker B kit no. 7295. To get the AM nozzles to fit onto the Zvezda fuselage you will have to use parts A8 or A13, depending on whether it's a left or right exhaust nozzle (check the instruction sheet). These parts fit over and onto the AM nozzles allowing these to fit properly onto the Zvezda fuselage without any grinding. No modifications are needed. So with some modifications the AM nozzles will fit the Hasegawa and Trumpeter fuselages and as noted above they will fit the Zvezda model even easier.

I can highly recommend these Advanced Modeling exhaust nozzles for use by modelers who want some extra details on their Su-27 models. I want to thank Advanced Modeling and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to make this review.


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