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January 22, 2016
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Any 1/72 F-102 - F-106
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With development beginning in 1958, the Hughes AIM-G Super Falcon was created as a follow-up to the early Falcon missiles, but with a larger rocket motor, bigger warhead, and improved guidance. The AIM-4G, or GAR-4A, was the final version of the improved missile, and around 2700 of these missiles were built with the first of them entering service in 1960, and remaining in use until 1988. The missile was 81.1 inches long, had a 24-inch wingspan, and weighed 145 pounds. Travelling at Mach 4 on its solid fuel Thiokol M46 dual-thrust rocket, the missile had a range of seven miles to deliver the 29-pound warhead.

This Eduard Brassin set consists of four missiles that are beautifully cast in gray resin along with a single photoetch fret that holds the rings that represent the exhaust of the rocket motor, and a small decal sheet. Each missile receives at least 24 individual decals, although extra decals are provided if you choose to label yours as “Inert”. At least two spares of each of the decals are available, just in case they are needed.

Eduard did a great job capturing the detail of the AIM-4G Falcon, and the fins are appropriately thin for the scale. I used a medium viscosity CA to attach the PE parts to my missiles, which I then painted a coat of Alclad Primer White followed by Model Master Acryl Gloss White, then after masking, I added Model Master Acryl Insignia Red. The seeker head received Model Master Acryl Gloss Black. The decals settled without issue using Micro Set and Micro Sol over Alclad II Gloss Klear Kote, which I also utilized for the final finish.

My hits for this set would have to start with the fine level of detail cast into the resin missiles as well as the use of photoetched parts for the exhaust rings. The missiles build up quick and easy with only some minor clean-up of the missiles themselves. I am proud to report that I did not identify a single specific miss during the construction of my missiles.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend these Eduard AIM-4G missiles to modelers who are looking to add the Falcon to their 1/72 scale F-102 or F-106, which were the primary carriers for this missile. There should be no fit up issues when installing the


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