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March 15, 2022
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Federico Anselmino
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Paperback, 64 pages, 11.7 X 8.3 inches, over 140 photos, full color profiles.
Provided by: Casemate Publishers - Website: Visit Site

This latest title from Italian Aviation Series, AB 205 Huey in Italian Army Service, comes in a paperback book with high quality paper on 64 pages. There are plenty of pictures, over 140, and full color profiles that we’ll surely keep modelers entertained. The text is Italian and English and the English reads very well. The thing that really makes this book stand out is the color photos. All are crystal clear and show some great marking options.

The Huey started out in 1956 in the United States, however the Huey entered Italian service sometime in 1964. It was built under license from Bell Helicopter by Augusta thus called the AB 205. The Italian Army has used the Huey in multiple roles since its introduction into Italian service. It's sported some really colorful paint schemes from three-tone camouflage to single colors and commemorative colors. The evolution of the camouflage is covered very well with color callouts for each phase of the life of the Huey. The centerfold illustrates this with eight beautiful profiles to supplement the photos. The commemorative schemes are particularly striking.

The history of the Huey in Italian service covers everything, including all the deployments since the helicopter was introduced. The AB 205 has done everything that the Italian army has needed it to and then some, including peacekeeping, transporting the Pope, humanitarian missions, rescue operations and supporting relief efforts.

Unlike the US UH-1D/H Hueys, the Italian Hueys could be armed with M21 or M23 gun systems. Until the introduction of the A-129 Mangusta, the Huey did escort missions as well as transportation missions. Besides the weapon systems, the Italian Hueys have other equipment that's slightly different than US equipment, such as tailboom antennas and aircraft survivability equipment. The upgrade to the MEP Mission Equipment Package saw a drastic change in the looks of the Huey, especially the introduction of the IR exhaust and various Aircraft Survivability Antennas. I love the fact that they still fly with MG-42/59 machine guns.

There is a section of the book aimed at the modeler and builds the 1/72nd scale Italeri AB-205A-1 from the UH-1D Iroquois kit. It points out what is wrong, what is missing and how to correct both things.

A page is dedicated to the cockpit layout with a callout of the instruments. Many will find it helpful and informative. There are two pages of walkaround photos. Modelers will find these useful and helpful. There is one page is dedicated to the MEP equipment. The thing that interested me the most was the IR exhaust, similar to the one used on the AH-1F/S. It is interesting to see it mounted. There are other closeups of various new sensors.

Overall if you love the Huey, and who doesn’t, this book is for you. There are a lot of photos with the accompanying text and caption that points out the paint, missions, and general knowledge of the Huey in Italian service. I enjoyed reading the book and the photos. The profile views are quite well done, and I can see modelers enjoying this book as much as I did. The author hints at another book coming on the Huey so I for one can’t wait.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to Casemate and IPMS/USA for the review copy. You can obtain your copy by contacting Casemate at . A word of caution, when you are on that site there are a lot of things to spend your money on. Take your time and look through it carefully. I bet you can’t buy just one book.


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