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September 19, 2011
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Recently Revell has been reissuing some of the older Monogram titles under the Revell name. This time around they have chosen to bring back the 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302, under their Motor-City Muscle line. With this kit you have 2 choices of building it, stock, or a modified Trans Am car, with only 98 parts total. Parts are molded in white, clear, and chrome plated.

The instruction sheet is 10 steps, 9 of the actual assembly sequence and one for applying decals for either version the builder wishes to choose from.

The first step in the instructions deals with the stock engine construction, which is what I chose for the built up model.

Step 2 is the custom engine option, followed with the interior, and it goes from there. Some points I have discovered during this build up are on the front air dam, rear spoiler, and interior bucket there are ejector pin marks that will need to be removed. The grille itself is not chrome on the 1:1 car; it is painted a charcoal semi-gloss with no clear. The valve covers on the 1:1 are not chrome either, but aluminum, so I stripped mine and painted them accordingly.

The engine is painted with Model Master Ford Engine Blue, interior and frame are Mr Color semi-gloss black. The paint is from Scale Finishes and is the correct Ford Medium Blue Metallic.

The decals for the dash are a little confusing, the instructions give you a “1st” and “2nd” but do not tell you what you need to do first (i.e. the wood first or the gauges first). On mine I did the wood first and found out that it will be near impossible to put the gauges in without destroying the wood, so I left them out.

Turning towards the body it is crisp with just a little seam clean up from the mold. The instructions tell you to put the front and rear body panels on after you mate the body to the frame. The only problem with that is you have to paint them separately and there will be a slight gap and misalignment of the parts. I chose to go ahead and assemble them beforehand and the only problem I ran into was that I forgot to put the tail light lenses in before I attached the body to the chassis; so I will go back and use some sheet clear stock painted red. During the build I ran out of foil, so when I restock this build will get a revisit.

With a little bit of time and a great set of skills this model can be made to represent a factory stock 1970 Boss 302. Out of the box it is a great weekend builder for father and son, or just to use as shelf filler.


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