3D Printed "Finishing" Caddy w/ Micro Sol/Set Spots

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Provided by: Charlies Plastic Models - Website: Visit Site
Tool Caddy

If you use the Micro Set/Sol combination for decal work like I have for years then you have (if you're honest), tipped the small round bottles they come in. While there are some other holders out there, Charles Plastic Models has given us a truly useful combination holder. Not only are there inserts for the Micro decal solutions, but this product also includes a port for the round Solvaset bottle and two bays for the square decal set bottles from Tamiya or Mr. Hobby. Several panel liner and weather solutions also come in the same size square bottles. Behind these are openings for brushes, tools, and anything else you use for decals and liners.

Each of the openings is sized to allow easy insertion of the bottles and the bottom of the holder is rough textured to keep it from sliding around. This product has solved a problem I’ve battled for a long time. All this for 10 bucks. Check out Charlie’s website for this product and a few other variations of it.

Highly useful and recommended. Thank you to Charlies for providing the sample and IPMS for allowing me to share it with you.


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