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November 22, 2021
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Base Kit
All A-10 kits
Company: Phase Hanger - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Phase Hanger - Website: Visit Site

This set consists of resin 3D printed main wheels and a cast nose wheel. As the product description implies, these wheels are universal for all versions and kits of the A-10 in this scale. In the attached photos, I compared these parts with the Hobby Boss kit (in grey plastic) and the older Tamiya kit (in green plastic). The main wheels require minor clean up once the printing sprues are cut away. The nose wheel sample I received had a casting flaw in the hub area that is easily fixed with some putty. Overall, these wheels are a vast improvement over the rubber wheels in the Hobby Boss and Tamiya kits. The 3D parts have a texture, but no ridge pattern sometimes exhibited in 3D printed parts. Of note is the mounting hole in the hub of all three parts needs to be drilled to the correct size to suit whatever kit you use them on.

This set is a real improvement over the stock parts of whatever A-10 kit you choose and well worth the price. Thank you to Phase Hanger for providing the sample and to IPMS for sharing them with me.


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