Metal Gear Set for Revell 1/32 P-51D-25

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Germany New-tool P-51D-25
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MORE SAC FUN! Yes, the Revell P-51D-5 receives the SAC treatment because it’s a big kit, and Ross and his team came up with metal gear for this kit. Thanks to Phil for sending it and Fearless Leader John for approving my working the set.

Included in this set are two main gear, two Oleo strut braces, and a tail gear strut. All replace the Revell kit parts, and fit is just like the plastic except it’s stronger and can be re-adjusted as required.

Why is readjustment good? OK, Mustang experts, where does the axle fall on the P-51 and why when the aircraft is on the ground? (Answer: Just in front of the leading edge when looking down). WHY? Because it makes the whole aircraft more stable on takeoff and landing with toe in and proper alignment, and helps the aircraft track straight (without P effect from the prop), and is not as prone to tip on it’s nose and prop like aggressive stick actuators can make happen. (…Or really tall grass, i.e. wheat, like just happened at Duxford to the guy who had his Merlin engine fail at low level on his pony and ended up just off the end of the runway in a perpendicular landing).

Installation goes like this: Paint the gear aluminum or whatever you want, use superglue to plug the gear into their respective holes just like the plastic gear.

Then, after you have CAREFULLY installed the axle just forward of the leading edge when looking down, you will achieve the proper Mustang stance.

Install the strut torque links, and the main gear door follow-up arm braces on the main gear, and attach the wheels. (then gear doors… you can’t put them on with the follow-up door in place).

A fine set with detail, strength, and worth to the modeler who wants to keep his bird on its feet.

Thanks again to all for this great SAC gear…


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