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November 7, 2021
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Base Kit
Hobby Boss A-10A
Company: Phase Hanger - Website: Visit Site
Provided by: Phase Hanger - Website: Visit Site

Phase Hangar provides a nice upgrade of the engine inlet for all A-10 variants. Before we get deeper into using this set, the inlet parts Hobby Boss provides are impressively thin and detailed for injection molded parts. However, A-10 builders always encounter the same issue, how to mask and paint the inlet interiors, fan blades and center cones. Phase Hangar has solved those issues by separating these parts making access and painting a lot easier.

That’s not the only advantage of this set. The fan blades are scale thin with gaps that allow a view of the structures behind. As with other complex Phase Hangar sets, the instructions are provided on their website and include detailed descriptions and photos to modify the kit parts for a realistic view behind those beautiful fans.

Part prep is not difficult with exception of the cast inlets. They have a sizable casting block that you remove. I used a razor saw and sanding blocks to do that. You will create some dust when removing blocks from center hubs and inlets. Use appropriate safety equipment and wet sand to control dust when you have to sand. If you follow the directions, fitting the parts is easy as you can see in the test fit photos.

Although Phase Hangar says this set is specific to the Hobby Boss kit, it looks like it will fit the Tamiya kit too. Phase Hangar also makes an exhaust cone with internal turbine details (see review of set #48112) so the rear of you’re a-10 engines are as nice as the front. They also sell a set that includes both sets in one package (product #48113)

Another terrific upgrade set that not only looks more realistic than the kit parts but makes the finishing process easier for the modeler. Thank you to Phase Hangar for providing the review sample and IPMS for allowing me to show you how nice it is.


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