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This set includes 10 different German WWII figures in Wehrmacht uniforms of the Mid-WWII period. Upon opening the box will find a folded two-sided instruction sheet and two bags of grey injected plastic parts. 2 sprues (Y) are the same and contain the accessories while Sprue Z contains the figures and the bases. The plastic is very cleanly molded, and the details are crisp. The standing figures are made up of 4 parts (a body plus separate arms and a head) or 5 parts (a body minus one leg plus separate arms, head and the leg due to the figure in a walking pose). The sitting/kneeling figures are all made up of 5 parts (upper torso with two legs w/lower torso, arms, and head). Sprue Y has all of the accessories and there are lots of them. There are two of the Y sprues and on each one you get 2 MP40, 1 Karabiner semi-auto rifle, 5 Kar. 98 rifles, 3 pistols (two different types), 1 MG34, 1 MG42, 2 Sturmgewehr 44 assault rifles, 1 Panzerfaust, 2 grenades plus canteens, mess kits, gas mask carriers, ammo pouches, MG ammo cans, e-tools, bayonets…etc.…etc.

Construction is simple and the parts fit is good. Really, the biggest challenge is painting these as the canteens, magazine pouches and mess kits are tiny. I chose to paint everything before assembly then touch up as needed….it’s easier for me this way.

I used Tamiya paints on these and followed the kit instructions on the colors to use. The only bad thing I can say about this set is that Tamiya doesn’t supply decals for the uniform & helmet markings, and they are just a bit to small for my older Mk. 1 eyeball to freehand!

In conclusion, if you are looking for 1/48 WWII German infantry figures, THESE are for you. Ease of construction, broken down into many parts to make painting easier and lots of extra gear. I recommend these to all modelers.

I would like to thank Tamiya USA for supplying this and the review Corps for letting me work on it.


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