WWII Military Vehicles of Britain Paint Set

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ICM continues expanding its acrylic paint line, this time providing extremely useful colors for World War 2 British vehicles. This set includes:

  • Extra Dark Green
  • Middlestone
  • Green Brown
  • Off-White
  • Camouflage Green
  • Satin Varnish

Basically, you’re provided with three different greenish shades that British vehicles were painted in as well as Middlestone, which was used on many desert machines. A satin varnish permits you to create the exact tone many British vehicles were painted in more realistically. Lastly, Off-White is provided either as winter camouflage or specifically targeting their new mobile chapel model.

Unlike previous reviews where I tested the paints on primed figures, this time I was going to do something I literally have never done before – airbrush a model with an acrylic. This was to be an eye-opening experience, as I’ve never had a lot of faith in the quality and durability of water-based paints, preferring enamels or lacquers for all of my work.

I tested the paint with various solvents to see what it preferred. Alcohol clearly didn’t nix with it, but it had no trouble with water and a touch of dishwashing soap (not sure the latter was needed, but . . .). Although thinner than enamel paints, this acrylic airbrushed over a prepped surface smoothly and without the drips and splotches I was dreading. I was able to build up the color in light layers to a very satisfactory degree quickly and even over the black primer I was using, the white went on evenly and dried quickly, permitting more layers to be applied in just a few minutes. The end result is visible in the accompanying pictures.

All in all, I am deeply impressed with this paint, and it has literally opened new modeling horizons for me, showing that I may actually be able to move on from my time-tested enamels into the new world of water-based paints. I could not be more satisfied. I can now heartily recommend this line of paints to both those who hand paint and those who airbrush. You won’t be disappointed.

My thanks to ICM for releasing this very fine set of colors, and to IPMS/USA for a chance to once again broaden my horizons. Happy modeling, all, and stay safe!


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