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May 22, 2015
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Another neat set from Hauler comes this wooden barrel and milk can set. Do not be fooled by the box photo. You do not get two large barrels. You get one large, medium, small wooden barrel, 2 large and 2 small milk cans. You also get a small PE set for the milk can handles. The only thing that would make this set better would have been to include tops for the large milk cans and wire for the handles. The small milk cans have lids attached and maybe the large ones should have been designed that way as well.

Being made of resin, there are several steps I always take just to be on the safe side. It is best to give the parts a good warm water and soap brush cleansing to ensure all mold release agents are removed. Then there is the required removal of the pour lug and sanding to finish. Remember that resin particles are hazardous and you should always complete these tasks using water to keep the dust down and wear a cheap doctor’s mask to keep the particulates out of your lungs. The pour lugs were removed using the medium blade on my JLC razor saw and sanded smooth with my trusty KISS Ultra nail shiner. This is basically a sanding stick with four grits all on the same stick. These sticks are just great for easy work such as this.

After the resin clean up, I painted all the barrels indifferent shades of brown. All colors were from the Model Master line. I mixed radome tan and white with the different base colors and dry brushed to create the wood effect. The bands were then painted with shades of steel. You can’t get much simpler than that! You can get creative and shave the stoppers off and maybe add a spout or even go really wild and create a stream pouring out of the opened barrel.

The milk cans were another story. If any of you have read my numerous reviews, you know I have a disdain for PE. There is a place for it. Handles are NOT one of them. Every milk can I have ever seen, always had a round bar handle. A strip of wire would have been more acceptable than flat PE. Needless to say, I used the provided PE and glued the handles onto the cans. I had wanted to just paint the handles Aluminum and give them a wash. Model Master Aluminum does not cover well over flat coated plastic. I allowed the paint to dry and painted both cans in Dark Gray. Once the gray was dry, I simple painted them aluminum again. I gave them a light wash and painted the opening on the large one with flat black.

Other than the “no top” issue for the large milk cans and the PE, this is a nice accessory set. There are many options that these wooden barrels and cans can be used.

I would like to thank Hauler for making and providing this set for review. I hope this review comes in handy to other armor modelers and gives them reason to seek this set out and add to their next build.


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